General Questions:

What should I do to open myself a page/store on

Please use the following link to apply:

Is there a contract?

There is a vendor registration page ( and when signing up, the vendor must agree to the terms and conditions.

Can I leave anytime that I wish?  Are there fees involved to leave?

You are able to leave at any time. There are no fees to leave, however, if there is an open customer dispute, our terms require you to settle that prior to leaving.

Shipping and Returns:

Does Yid:tsy allow international shipping?

We are currently offering shipping options for the vendors to the US only. This means that a vendor from anywhere on the globe can ship to the US only and not to any other country. As Yid:tsy expands, we do plan on spreading worldwide.

Who pays for shipping?

The vendor is responsible for shipping. When posting a product, there is a list of shipping prices to choose from and it is up to the vendor to decide. There is also a free shipping option.

Is shipping included in the price?

Shipping is listed separately at checkout.

What happens if a piece is damaged in the shipping?

Yid:tsy is a marketplace, where we provide vendors with a platform to display their products and customers with a location to find what they are looking for. Shipping is the vendor’s responsibility.

How are returns handled?  How do you handle the shipping costs of returns (i.e. who pays to ship a return)?

It is up to the vendor to decide whether or not to offer returns. If a vendor chooses to allow returns, he/she is responsible for sending a return label or address.

What is the return policy for customers?

The return policy is entirely up to you. (See answer above.)