Rabbi Miller tzl


Portrait of Rav Miller tzl

Rabbi Miller was the quintessential Oved Hashem, not letting a second of the day pass by without a specific purpose. His day was filled to capacity with shiurim, his own learning and time set aside to advise people. He followed his schedule with great rigidity and self-control. When he was in his forty’s he began to experience chest pains and his father-in-law advised him to take walks for his health. This began an entire new era in his Avodas Hashem, his walks. He would set aside specific things to work on during his walks. The ideas and principles for most of his seforim were developed during his walks. He would often take a passuk and contemplate it on a walk, or he would tell the person accompanying him that “from this lamppost to the next, we will make a Cheshbon Hanefesh, a self-accounting for last year. From the next lamppost to the following one, let us contemplate the experience of receiving the Torah at Har Sinai.”
This painting is in honor of Rav Millers message and impact he made on the world.
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